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BDU Vision
  • Foundation Spirit

    Grounded in the spirit of Christianity, BDU helps build moral character in students. Our goal is to train great talents who can serve God & humanity
  • Mission

    • Truth : To educate students based on in the truth of Christianity
    • Creation : To cultivate a creative mind in students
    • Service : To nurture talents who serve God & humanity through with their knowledge
  • Vision

    To contribute to the benefit of the nation & humanity by teaching new fields of study & technologies. To practice lifelong education based on the foundational spirit of Christianity
  • Aim of Education

    • To train human resources serving their country through lifelong, online education.
    • To train the experts required in a knowledge-based society.
    • To train manpower with practical skills
    • To train global talents.
    • To foster social workersVolunteers with the spirit of Christianity


Busan Digital University, 57 Jirye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan 47011, Korea
TEL: 82-81-320-2000, 1930 FAX: 82-51-320-2787

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