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  • BDU has about 3,000 students taking classes through its online system. Most are from Korea, but other Asian countries are well represented such as China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Some students have also joined from the United States and Europe Additionally, BDU has 50 full-time staff members and teaching assistants who support students in their academic activities. Students can get knowledge of majors extensively through participation of special lectures of majors, on-the-spot study, field trip and Blended Learning besides regular classes. Also, they can foster their skills of solving problems and work abilities which can be utilized in the field after graduation. In addition, One-Mind sports day(every May), Academic Seminar(every November) which are run by student council and Membership Training(MT), regular meeting(every month), Study Group, Student‘s Club which are run by each major provide communication and discussion. Therefore, students are able to develop their refinement and knowledge as citizens through those activities.


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