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On/Offline Seminar / Extracurricular Activities
  • Online and Offline Seminar

    We provide on/offline seminars in addition to our online contents. During the seminars, students give a presentation and receive feed- back from the professor. Seminars are conducted three to five times per course.
  • Group Study with an Academic Advisor

    Students have opportunities to join group studies (extracurricular programs) supervised by their academic advisor. The study group gathers more than once a month. For students residing in remote areas, we also provide online group studies. Students receive feedback on their research paper from their professor.
  • Special Lectures and Seminars for Students

    Each department invites external specialists to provide a wide range of practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, graduates conduct seminars among themselves as pre-experts in order to develop practical skills and strengthen ties between students through academic activities.
  • Eligibility

    ▶Completed a four-year-course at a foreign or domestic university and acquired bachelor’s degree. ▶Or, acquired a degree equivalent or higher than the above, recognized by relevant law. ※ Applicants can apply for any major regardless of their bachelor’s degree. ※ In case an applicant graduates from a foreign university, the university must be officially. accredited by the government. If information provided turns out to be false, admission will be revoked even following the applicant’s entrance at BDU.


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