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40 Kinds of BDU & Outside Scholarships

Percentage of Recipient

  • BDU offers 40 kinds of scholarships to assist students to study at BDU. The types of aid are as below :

Admission Fee Waiver

  • BDU scholarship

    We offer various scholarships based on academic performance, financial need, for women, foreigners, and students from multi-cultural families, etc. The coverage is from 20%~100% of the total tuition fee, depending on the type of scholarship.
  • Outside scholarship

    There are diverse outside scholarships for :   - Financial needs(Korea Student Aid Program)   - Persons of Distinguished Service to Nation, their spouses and children
        (the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans)   - North Korean Refugees, etc.

    ※ The coverage varies depending on the policy of each scholarship.

  • National Work-Study Program

    Students who work on and off campus can receive a work-based scholarship.


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