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Academic Support

Students receive full support as they adjust to campus life. We have an all-inclusive student support center to help BDU students.

With BDU Programs

With Computers : Adjust to Campus Life

    • Online Prep College
    • Develop and operate offline and online contents to improve digital literacy skills
    • Exploring Learning Strategies and Careers
    • Provide students with self-directed learning to search for their future careers and promote understanding of their major
    • Online Academic Coaching
    • Offer career aptitude tests, special in-person lectures, online monitoring systems, and network building for adjusting to an online educational system

With Your Professors : Advanced Learning

    • Counseling Program with an Academic Advisor
    • An academic advisor provides a comprehensive road map from the beginning of campus life to a future career.
    • Special Lectures for Each Major
    • Specialists are invited more than once each semester to give tips about jobs and provide advanced knowledge of practical skills
    • Major Studies
    • Students can contact their academic advisor anytime to learn and receive job support
  • With Seniors and Juniors : Self-directed Learning

      • Leader’s Club
      • Leader’s clubs is the learning community among seniors and juniors to help students adjust to campus life.
      • Extracurricular Activities
      • Students can foster their practical skills and job-seeking prospects by joining clubs, which can also be venues for practicing theories from class and raising a spirit of volunteering.
      • Student Clubs
      • BDU has online and offline student clubs for building unity and solidarity within each department


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