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Students will be fully supported as they adjust to campus life. We have all-inclusive student support center to help you.

With Computers Adjust Campus life

    • Online Prep College
    • Develop and operate offline and online content to improve digital literacy skills
    • Searching Learning Strategies and Your Career
    • Support students in order to search for their future careers and make their strategies for self-directed learning Promote the understanding of students' major
    • Online Academic Coaching Program
    • Students can take a career aptitude test, a special lecture in person, online monitoring systems, and building networks for the adjustment process of online educational system.

With Your Professors Advanced Learning

    • Counseling program by the academic advisor
    • An academic advisor will suggest a road map about campus life and your future job from the beginning to the end.
    • A Special Lecture on Your Major
    • Diverse specialists will be invited more than one time for every semester to give some tips for jobs and the advanced knowledge of pracitcal skills.
    • Study Clubs for studying your major
    • Students can contact their academic advisor anytime for learning and for job support.
  • With Your seniors and juniors Self-directed Learning

      • Leader’s Club
      • Leader’s clubs is the learning community among seniors and juniors to adjust campus life
      • Intramural Circles
      • Students would foster their practical skills and the ability to find jobs by joining clubs. Moreover, clubs could be the venue for practicing theories from class and for building the spirit of volunteering.
      • Student Clubs
      • BDU has diverse student clubs (online/offline) for the unity and solidarity of each department.


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