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You are on campus wherever you are. You can learn anytime, anywhere. Busan Digital University will support your dream to make a brighter future!


    - 1970 Dongseo Educational Foundation established by Dr. Sung Man Chang.

    - 2001 Establishment of Dongseo Cyber University(DCU) approved by the Ministry of Education(MOE). - 2002 Opening of DCU. - 2002 Excellence Prize received in the Higher Education e-Learning Contents Contest. - 2002 First Korean university to earn AA level in Contents Quality Qualification (GEC). - 2003 DCU renamed "Busan Digital University."

    - 2004 Designated Excellent University for the Best e-Learning Contents (two consecutive years). - 2006 Most selected university for content development projects by the MOE. - 2006 Participant in the e-Learning Content Development Project of the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS). - 2007 Ranked 1st nationwide for website customer attraction, 2nd for overall evaluation. - 2007 Top-level certification earned in the e-Learning Institutions Assessment. - 2008 First Korean university to set up an HD studio. - 2009 Accredited as a four-year university under the Higher Education Act. - 2011 Academic Exchange Agreement with Hope International University in the USA. - 2011 Participant in the e-Learning Content Development Project by KERIS. - 2013 Opening of the Graduate School of Human ServicesHuman service.

    - 2015 Establishment of Global Access Asia, an Asian MOOC system. - 2015 Participant in the NCS-based Content Development Project by the MOE (two consecutive years). - 2017 Cooperative University of the ACU(Asean Cyber University) Project of the KERIS. - 2018 The establishment of   the Department of Computer Engineering. - 2019 Cooperating university in the ACU Project of KERIS (four consecutive years). - 2019 Selected for the Education Content Development Project for Adult Learners to Build Capability by the MOE (two consecutive years). - 2019 Selected for the Korean Massive Open Online Course(K-MOOC) project by the MOE (two consecutive years).


Busan Digital University, 57 Jirye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan 47011, Korea
TEL: 82-81-320-2000, 1930 FAX: 82-51-320-2787

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