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The First Cyber University to Launch a Graduate School in Southeast Korea

  • Enthusiastic faculty with a lot of field and teaching experience
  • Excellent programs for training experts with practical skills required in the workplace
  • Perfect blend of convenient online classes & exceptional offline classes
  • Well organized programs designed in coordination with undergraduate programs
  • High-quality contents created 100% by BDU
  • Opportunities for practice through BDU’s psychological counseling center or other counseling institutions
  • Every student is offered a study scholarship

  • Counseling Psychology Department

  • We train counseling specialists to help people have a healthy life by solvingtheir psychological problems.
  • ▶This department nurtures counseling specialists equipped with both advanced knowledge and research abilities. ▶Students can become experts in effectively treating and diagnosing cognitive, emotional, and mental problems.
  • Programs (Degree program/ Thesis study)
    • Degree program: This program produces counselors and psychologists trained with different types of counseling methods and abilities to contribute toward current research.
    • Thesis study: This program trains students in thesis organization and topic selection.
    • National Qualifications
      Youth counselor, Vocational counselor, Clinical counselor, Survey analyst
    • Qualifications awarded by Academic Association
      - Counseling psychologist(Korean Counseling Psychological Association)
      - Counseling specialist(Korean Counseling Association)
      - Clinical counselor(Korean Psychology Association)
      - Gestalt counseling specialist
    • Civil Qualifications
      School counselor, Family counselor, Counseling psychology specialist, Learning counseling specialist
    • Thesis Study
  • Social Welfare Department

  • We train social welfare specialists to meet the growing demands in welfare areas of a changing society.
  • ▶We produce experts in social work practice and social welfare counseling with knowledge and practical skills.
  • Programs (Degree program/ Thesis study)
    • Degree program: Promotes intervention capability through knowledge and skills of social work practice
    • Thesis study: Develops the ability to write a research paper (e.g. topic selection, research planning, utilization of various research methods).
    • National Qualifications
    • - Social worker : Ministry of Health and Welfare(Korea Association of Social Workers/
      - Mental health social worker: Ministry of Health and Welfare (Korea Association of Mental Health Social Workers/

  • Eligibility

    • Applicant must have completed a four-year-course foreign or domestic university and acquired bachelor’s degree.
    • Or, must have acquired a degree equivalent or higher than the above, recognized by the relevant law.

      ※ Applicants are able to apply for any majors regardless of their bachelor’s degree. ※ In case an applicant graduates from a foreign university, the university must be officially accredited by the government. In case the submitted information turns out to be false, the admission or enrollment will be revoked even after the applicant’s passing of it.


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TEL: 82-81-320-2000, 1930 FAX: 82-51-320-2787

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