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Affiliated Organizations & Research Institute
  • Programs for Academic & Job Support, Counseling Programs
  • Study Rooms & Student Lounge
  • Affiliated research institutes

Student Service Center for Academic & Job Support

Always Here for Students!
Students will be fully supported as they adjust to campus life. It is only natural that freshmen are excited but nervous. But, don’ worry, we have an all-inclusive student support center to help you.

  • Academic Support

    • One-on-One Support Program(Counseling program by the academic advisor)
    • Freshmen Adjustment Program(Tutoring Program)
    • Finding Myself Program(Character Building Program, Storytelling Contest)
  • Government-funded Programs

    • National Aid Programs for Work-study Students
    • Study Aid Program for University students & Adolescents
    • Mentoring Program for Migrant Students from North Korea & Students with Multi-cultural Backgrounds
  • Job Support

    • Job Counseling (Image-making Skills, Career Development Training for Freshmen)
    • Employment Guide Camp
    • Career Guidance Mentoring (Career Guidance Seminar by Graduates, Job Government-funded Programs Information, Visiting Consultant Service)

Psychological Counseling Center

BDU’s Psychological Counseling Center provides psychological counseling services to promote mental health of local community.

  • Services for Local Community(Voucher Program)

    • Program for Children & Adolescents : “Now, my child is well behave!”
    • Programs for Parents : “What a blessing to be a Mom!”
  • Art Therapy

    • Children, adolescents, adults, and families are provided with psychological therapy via various art mediums to enhance emotional stability.
  • Certificate Programs

    • We offer certificate programs for Clinical counselor(2nd grade), Art psychologist, Counseling psychology specialist. The programs are open to students and the public.
  • Individual / Group / Family counseling

    • We offer special psychological counseling services to promote the psychological health of individuals and families.
  • Gestalt Counseling Therapy & Encounter Group Counseling Based on Mindfulness

    • Through diverse group counseling sessions such as "Gestalt", "Art therapy", "Encounter group(based on mindfulness)" and "Structured marathon growth group", people can achieve self-growth and social skills.
  • Psychological Tests

    • Cognitive function test : Intelligence & Attention test
    • Emotional intelligence assessment : MMPI(The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), TP(House-Tree-Person), Sentence Completion Test, the Rorschach Test, CAT(Children Apperception Test)
    • Career Aptitude Test

Food-service & Culinary Management Research Center

Our goal is to promote local food culture and food-service industry through research and consulting on culinary arts.

    • Management Consulting & Research : Management consultation on food-service companies, Research on management of foodservice, Consulting & Research Service
    • Menu Development : R&D on Menus suitable to the local community of Busan
    • Education : Regular training for cooks, Self-developed training programs(food-service management, recipe development)

e-Library & Book Cafe

Our e-Library offers e-books as well as international & domestic journals available on your PC, tablet PC, or smart phone. You can browse, borrow, return, and reserve them online. We have an online automatic lending service for reserved books. In addition to this e-Library, we also have a facility called "Book Cafe" where students can study or take a rest.

    • e-Library : Paper book reading room, e-book reading room, Thesis & dissertation search desk, Laptops & tablet PCs for reading
    • Student Lounge : Comfortable tables, Coffee, Book search PC desk, Smart device zone
    • Seminar Room : Open to students. Freely used for group study.

Leader’s Club

Leader’s Club is a club activity where freshmen can build an intimate relationship with their seniors. Leader’s Club will help freshmen adjust to their campus life.

  • Member Organization : 1 team leader(second~fourth-year student) + 9 team members(first-year student) / About 10 people in total Freshmen are assigned to each team according to their department & major.

    ※ Leaders will be selected through evaluation. After each semester, there will be assessment on their performance and the best-performing leader will receive an appointed scholarship.

Lifelong Education Center

  • Programs

  • Program for national qualifications exams: Social worker 1st grade, Youth counselor 3rd grade Basic certificate programs: Transactional analysis counselor (level 1~5), Senior welfare recreation 2nd grade, Geometric psychology counselor 2nd grade, Emotion coach 2nd grade Non certificate courses: Everyday I-Ching, Naming techniques, Handmade soy candles & plaster diffuser
  • Enrolling now for Academic Credit Bank System

  • The Academic Credit Bank System(ACBS) is an open educational system which recognizes diverse learning experiences gained not only in-school but also out-of-school under the Act on recognition of credits, etc. When a learner accumulates the necessary credit points to meet the ACBS’s standards, he/she can obtain a degree. The ultimate goal of the system is to provide all citizens with open opportunities for lifelong education.
  • 01. Academic Programs

    Department Courses
    Social Welfare Social Work Practice Skills, Social Work Practice, Social Welfare Policies, Social Welfare Administration, Human Behavior & Social Environment, Local Social Welfare, Social Work Practicum
    Child Care Introduction to Child Care & Education, Parent Education, Child Care & Teaching Practicum
    Counseling Psychology Counseling Psychology, Adolescent Psychology & Counseling
    Lifelong Education Adult Education Method, Lifelong Education Practicum


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