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Affiliated Organizations & Research Institutes
  • Counseling Programs
  • Study Rooms & Student Lounge
  • Affiliated research institutes

Psychological Counseling Center

BDU’s Psychological Counseling Center provides psychological counseling services to promote mental health of local community.

  • Services for Local Community(Voucher Program)

    • Program for Children & Adolescents : “Now, my child is well behave!”
    • Program for supporting children's emotional development
    • Program for Parents“What a blessing to be a Mom”
  • Psychological Tests

    • Cognitive function test : Intelligence & Attention test
    • MMPI TP (House-Tree-Person), Sentence Completion Test, the Rorschach Test, CAT
    • Career Aptitude Test
  • Individual / Family counseling

    • Psychological counseling services for the psychological health of individual and families
  • Group counseling

    • ‘Group counseling, art therapy, and mindfulness therapy for a achievement of self-growth and social skills
  • Certificate Programs

    • Clinical counselor, Art psychologist, Counseling psychology specialist
  • Homepage

  • E-mail


e-Library & Book Cafe

Our e-Library offers e-books as well as international & domestic journals online by smartphones and PC. You can browse, borrow and reserve them online.

  • e-Library :

    • Reading rooms, Thesis & dissertation search desk, Laptops & tablet PCs
  • Content Library

    • Students can access any digital content of BDU
  • Seminar Room

    • Open to students for group study.
  • Student Lounge

    • Comfortable tables, Coffee, Book search PC desk, Smart device zone.

Lifelong Education Center

  • National Qualification Exams

    • Social Worker Level 1, Youth Counselor Level 3
  • Uncertified Qualifications

    • Volunteering Manager / Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist / Senior Welfare Recreation
  • Hobby/Liberal Arts

    • Counseling through Tarot (basic)
  • Homepage

      ※ Please visit our website for more information


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