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  • ACU_Project is a national project. It trains Korean previous experience of management of Cyber University to ASEAN and plans to develop ICT of ASEAN and higher education. Also, The goal of ACU_Project is a mutual interchange of Korea-ASEAN and revitalization of network by providing study and technology between Korea and ASEAN and a personal exchange. Government of Republic of Korea selects Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam as a country targeted for support and keeps on supporting for improving capability of e-learning from 2012.

  • Busan Digital University participates in ACU_Project as a Cooperative University for supporting Myanmar in 2016 and supports University of Technology(UT) and University of Information Technology(UIT) to improve capability of e-learning.

  • BDU passes on not only skills of making content for cyber education but also experience and know-how of on-line education system. Through skills, experience and know-how, UT and UIT can be developed universities of the best capability of e-learning in Myanmar. Also, BDU supports ICT in Myanmar and a university education and contributes foundation of education, technology and a personal exchange between not only Republic of Korea and Myanmar and but also Republic of Korea and ASEAN regions.


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