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Divisions & Departments
  • Division of Social Welfare Counseling

  • Social Welfare Management / Welfare for the Elderly / Welfare Counseling

    To train social welfare experts, we teach various counseling theories & skills. Students learn social welfare management, senior welfare services, and social welfare counseling. With this knowledge, students can improve their ability to counsel their clients and improve social welfare facilities.
    National Qualifications Social Worker, Healthy Family Supporter
    Civil Qualifications Psychological Wellness Counselor, Manager of volunteer workers for senior recreation
    Certificates Senior Life Planner, Welfare Facilities Management Administrator, Social Welfare Quality Management Consultant
  • Division of Counseling & Therapy

  • Family Counseling / Child Youth Counseling / Art Therapy

  • We train counselors versed in both theories and practices. Students learn how to deal with various mental issues (smartphone, the Internet, alcohol and drug addiction, etc.) and how to enhance the quality of mental health services.
  • ▶ To train addiction counselors contributing to the mental health of the local community & the country ▶ To train therapists & counselors specialized in multidisciplinary counseling in order to meet the needs of a diversified modern society
  • National Qualifications Youth counselor, Clinical counselor, Youth field specialist, Vocational counselor
    Civil Qualifications Family Counselor, Counseling psychologist, Specialized Counselor, Mental health counselor, Psychological assessment specialist, Child counselor, Art psychologist
    Certificates Family counselor, Addiction counselor, School counselor
  • Division of Business Administration

  • Management / Foodservice Management

  • Our aim is to train highly-skilled managers fully ready to work after their graduation We teach both management theory and practical knowledge. Both are essential to execute rational management by strategically adapting to the changing environment. We also have special programs for social enterprise start-ups.
  • ▶ To train managers with theories and practical skills catering to the needs of the industry, financial institutes, and government agencies
  • ▶ To train skilled managers in the food service industries considered lucrative in the 21st century
  • National Qualifications SMAT(Service Management Ability Test) Grade 3, Computerized Accountant, Industrial Engineer Cook, Accounting Technician
    Civil Qualifications Investment Counselor, Associated Person, Financial Planner, Financial Risk Manager
  • Division of Child Care & Education

  • Child Care and Education / Lifelong Education

  • We provide multidisciplinary education along with practical theories to train experts of child care & lifelong education.
  • ▶ To train child care experts equipped with child care & child counseling skills ▶ To train lifelong education specialists for the 4th industry revolution, through theories & practices for human resource development suitable for each life cycle stage
  • National Qualifications To train lifelong education specialists for the 4th industry revolution, through theories & practices for human resource development suitable for each life cycle stage
    Civil Qualifications After-School Child Care Teacher, Child Counselor, e-Learning Consultant, Instructional Designer, Literacy Education Specialist, Human Resources Development Expert(HRDE)

    ※ Since 2017, a certificate course for Child Care Teachers for infants with special needs have been in operation. ※ Since 2018, a certificate course for HRDE has been in operation.

  • Department of Social Welfare

  • We specialize in training medical social welfare workers based on NCS(National Competency Standards). Our aim is to train medical social welfare workers by teaching expertise & practice in social welfare services. We teach interview skills, case management, family support and medical techniques, all based on NCS.
  • ▶ To train medical social welfare workers through field-oriented courses based on NCS ▶ To train manpower in accordance with NCS job categories. (Home Care Services, Case Management & Counseling, Program Management and Social Welfare Policies)
  • National Qualifications Social welfare worker, Mental Health Social Worker, Healthy Family Supporter
    Civil Qualifications Medical Social Worker, Care Worker
  • Department of Counseling Psychology

  • Our aim is to train counseling experts with a broad understanding of human beings based on counseling science & theory. They will contribute to a healthier future society by healing the psychological problems of people today
  • ▶ We train professional counseling psychologists by teaching theories of counseling psychology. ▶ We have extra-curricular programs to help students land a job related to their major. ▶ We operate short-period programs to gain field experience in counseling psychology.
  • National Qualifications Youth Counselor, Healthy Family Supporter
    Civil Qualifications Counseling Psychologist, Professional Counselor, Family Counselor, Corrective Counselor
  • Department of Health Administration

  • We train experts of hospital administration, health education and medical tourism. Our aim is to develop expert health administration specialists who serve the needs of public medical health services.
  • ▶ Qualification programs for Hospital administrator & Health insurance specialist exams ▶ Club Activities & Group Studies for various national qualifications ▶ Special programs for Hygienist & Insurance claims assessor exams
  • Department of Computer Engineering

  • We train ICT experts to lead the 4th industrial revolution. Our aim is to train passionate talents who will take the lead role in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robot technology.
  • ▶ Programming, Mobile programming, Computer graphics, Data management expert ▶ Expert of “Smart IoT,” considered a future ICT
  • Qualifications Engineer Electronics, Engineer Computer, Engineer Information Processing, Engineer Information Communication, Engineer information security
    Future Career Software development companies, Industries related to convergence of Digital contents such as TV programs and games,
  • Students can earn a degree without attending school.
    1. Work and Study at the same time      - Online curriculum available anywhere, anytime      - Online attendance system via the Internet or smart phone 2. Opportunities open to anyone desiring to study      - Undergraduate programs for the “Work First-then to College” or those who never had a chance to
           receive higher education      - Re-education in ones’ major of study the with latest skills required in the workplace      - Education for re-employment including a new job, career change, job change, or a business start-up


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